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Skagit Signal Services Macs and PCs


Mac & PC

PC & MAC Repair & Upgrade

We are committed to providing unsurpassed customer service using cutting-edge technology and equipment. On-Site installs, repairs, and upgrades are performed using only new, high quality, brand name components.

Call and ask about our Remote Support. In most cases, we can access your computer remotely using TeamViewer Software. Once we are logged in we can resolve most software issues quickly and economically.

Virus Removal

Everyone with a computer must be wary of viruses and what they can do to your system. Take no chances, and call us today to rid your computer of viruses and malware.

Networking and Internet

Streaming data is vitally important in today’s world. Skagit Signal understands modern networks and equipment and can help you take full advantage of your internet circuit's speed by pinpointing and eliminating bottlenecks that slow your network down. Is your internet slow? Call us!

Custom Computers

Don’t get stuck with a big box computer that was designed with profitability in mind when Skagit Signal can design custom computers that fit YOUR needs. We specialize in designing systems for the following consumers and industries:

• Systems for individuals with special vision needs

• Computers designed for marine use

• Rugged computers for business applications

• Desktop/All-In-One systems with integrated long-range wireless