Go Green, Go Wireless! 

Today’s network technology is not reliant on traditional wired copper networks. Get rid of those pesky trip-wire ethernet cords and power-hungry switches and hubs, and reduce your environmental impact in the process! Today's wireless networks are simple, reliable, cost-efficient and green. We can upgrade your current wireless network or create a new one from scratch. Since every location is different, we begin with a site assessment to determine what is necessary to provide your home or business with solid, dependable coverage and then give you a quote for product and services to make it happen.

Skagit Signal sources equipment from multiple manufacturers, such as Ubiquity, Cisco and Meraki. Rather than pushing only one brand that we are familiar with, we select hardware based on each customer’s needs.



Our primary goal is to provide customers with the services and equipment they need at a fair cost.


Managed or Unmanaged?

Some folks in the industry will insist on installing a ‘managed’ system, especially for their larger customers. While there are advantages to a managed network, impressive reliability and coverage can be achieved without the added expense of installing a fully managed and/or cloud-based wireless network.